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How to Influence Others' Mind

The title How to Influence... above means in a positive context.  Not done to mislead him/her for our personal gain.  A more appropriate context is when we want to make people willing to follow our good ideas.

Here are some tips for getting other people to follow our thoughts.

These are also several methods we can use to get people understand us.  These tips are also useful for getting people interested in our ideas.

 A. Talk to them carefully.

What does it mean to speak well?  Is there bad talk?  Stay tuned.

 1. Do not want to talk to people who are emotional.

People who are angry have their nerves closed to accept logic.  No matter how good our ideas are, we can't influence this person.  He is one hundred percent in the mood to follow his passions.  Muscle and physical strength are the mainstay.  If you want the other person to follow your idea then wait for him to calm down and his anger subsides.

 2. Choose the right time and place.

 The night can be used as a reference for the right time.  Because the night is usually calmer than the day.  Hopefully if the nights are holidays, for example weekends.  So the next day you don't think about having to go to work, aka you can relax.  About the same place, choose a quiet place.  If you really have to talk privately, don't be in a place where many people are passing by.  This will intrude on privacy while chatting.  Especially if the material for discussion is confidential.

 3. Prepare other things that support.

 This can be a suitable musical note.  If you want to "shoot" girls, use romantic music and so on.  Anyway matched with the atmosphere.  Other supporters, for example, can be in the form of food and drink.  Of course it will be different if you can have a conversation with people in a quiet and calm place with fried cassava snacks and a cup of warm coffee, for example.  Talking while enjoying snacks and drinking will relax the nerves so that the flow of the conversation can be digested more easily.

 B. Ensure that our ideas are useful.

 Remember, as written above the context of our theme this time is when we have a useful idea and we want others to follow our thinking.  Not want to deceive or mislead others.  Here's how to convince people of the sincerity and usefulness of our ideas.

 1. We have to really understand our ideas.

First understand our idea as much detail as possible.  Think of any possible questions or requests for more detailed explanations.  If necessary, also think about the possibility of alternative ideas from the people we invite to support our ideas.  By mastering the details of our ideas, later we will not stutter when unexpected questions arise.

 2. State our ideas clearly.

This is the most decisive stage.  Imagine that we intend to influence people from one RT.  Gathered in a room.  If we are not really ready, we will definitely be gatot aka a complete failure !!  Because of that, practice first doing the presentation until it is really smooth.  Use media, such as PowerPoint if necessary.  Audio should also be clear.  After that we have to appear very convincing.  Get the audience to listen and be interested in our thoughts.  Answer all questions in a concise, clear and sensible manner.

There are very few methods on how to influence other people's mind to follow our ideas.  Please try and good luck.

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