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Blogman Android Depra Cleaner PRO – Clean Junk Files 1.5 Apk

  • Version and Size of the File: 1.5 |8.5 MB
Why Instal Depra Cleaner?

Depra Cleaner is a light and robust application to clean your Android device. The PRO version of Depra Cleaner would be free of an advertisement.

This app allows a user to correct the shortage of memory and system loads and makes it possible to use other built-in smart tools to improve performance rates of your Android device. It’s keeping up your device in optimum conditions.

Junk Removal

An advanced mechanism for the analysis of data, full system junk removal, deleting a cache, blocking spam can easily optimize your device and operating system starts working well. Don’t forget to delete unused or duplicated files to expand storage capacity.

Power Boost

This function analyses battery usage and enables to stop energy-intensive applications with the one click.

CPU Cooler

CPU Cooler allows analysing CPU usage in order to reduce the load imposed on the CPU, as well as a close task running in a background mode with the one click. Boost your device performance rates up to 50%.

Notification Cleaner

Just one tap allows to clean-up all unsolicited notifications in order to free up the notification bar. Easy and it can keep your phone is always clean.

Smart Clean-up

The feature makes it possible to remove system junk, cache, and other unused files, as well as old APK files. Use one tap to keep clear your device.

Other features:
– clean-up useless files and notifications;
– smart data analysis;
– advertisement blocking;
– improving performance rates of the device;
– the minimal size of installed APK;
– low battery usage with the option of battery saving mode, as well as battery usage monitoring;
– stable, fast, robust application with user-friendly interface;
– no hidden payments or annoying advertisement can be found.

It’s easy to help your smartphone to gain the optimum conditions with Depra Cleaner for robust work, entertainment or other activities using your Android device. It also had has fixed bugs on its last update.

Is it important installing Depra Cleaner? I think so, especially if you do so much things with your android phone.

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