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Blogman Tutorial: Causes, Check, Fix and Prevent Broken Link on a Blog

Blogman Tutorial: Causes, Check, Fix and Prevent Broken Link in a Blog-On this occasion I will share about how to find out, fix and prevent broken links on our blog.

Please read this article to the end because this discussion about broken links is important to maintain the authority and trust of our blog. So it is going to make our blog has many visitors and gives us money, right?

What is Broken Link?

Broken link means a link that doesn't work or a dead link that can't be accessed.  Signs of a dead link are indicated by the code 404, not found.

So if a reader visits your blog and he finds 404, not found, it means that the link in the search is no longer working and is referred to as a broken link.

The Causes

One of the causes of dead links is your mistake in writing the link (typo).  Another causes of broken links are: change the domain and url left by the commenter (there is an explanation of how to fix this at the next paragraph of this article).

The other ones are: we change the permalink of the article, the linked file is no longer available (usually this is a PDF download link, etc.) and the change of website directories (only for self-hosted users, for example Wordpress).

How to Check

I recommend you to go to the and then enter the url of your blog. This is the correct example of writing url:  No need to use https. 

The thing to note is that www should be written because to distinguish it from, for example, you use  So this is the complete url writing.

After that, enter the captcha code provided by Do not be wrong.  Enter the code correctly. 

Then please tick the second option, that is "Report all occurrences of all dead links".

This option will inspect all broken links on your website.  If there is a tick in this section then you will need more time to check all the links on your website. Just be patient. But that's okay because this is indeed more detailed and more complete.  Including all dead links in the comments column will also be checked.

How to Overcome

First step

If the inspection carried out by has been completed, several types of results will be found.  For example, no broken links were found, only a few broken links were found, and it is very possible that up to 25% of broken links on your blog were found.

To fix this error, on the right side of the table of result there are already the url and also the source.  You just need to click on the words "url" then it will go to where the broken link is.

If you have found it, edit it immediately or if necessary delete the link.

There is one more thing to note that it might happen that the link found by the site is still active and fine, but according to the link is considered a broken link.  If this happens then just ignore it as your site is fine.

Back to the fix, if you have found the source then all you need to do is delete or revise the link.

Second step

Please disable profile url in Blogger comments.  Why do you have to do this?  Because url comments are one of the main sources that contribute to the number of broken links.

If you prefer to put a comment column, please select Facebook or Disqus comments.

How to Prevent

Of course we don't want it happen again in the future.  To prevent this from happening again, just look at the following example.

For example, if we want to create an internal link, then we just have to start with the slash (/).  No need to write  Just write /how-to-eat-eggs-quickly.html.

The reason why the main domain is not written is to anticipate that if one day you want to change the domain you don't have to replace all the links.

If the main domain is written then when one day you change the domain you must replace all links with the prefix of your new domain name.

That's a tutorial on how to find, overcome and prevent broken links on our blog, hopefully it will be useful.

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