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Blogman Tutorial: Creating School Timetable Using Microsoft Word

In this Android tutorial series, Loving Blogman is going to share how to create an attractive and clear illustrated school timetable using Microsoft Word.

Maybe all this time you have made a class schedule with a mediocre appearance.  In this way, your previously ordinary school timetable will become extraordinary.

Steps to Create School Timetable Using Microsoft Word

Before going to a deeper stage when Creating an Illustrated Lesson Schedule With Microsoft Word, please prepare some materials first, such as animated images or any images, but with a note that the image must be in PNG format.

If the materials have been collected, please follow the tutorial How to Create School Timetable Using Microsoft Word

1. Open the microsoft word application.  Resize it to landscape.  Click the Page Layout menu > Orientation > Landscape

2. Create text using Word Art.  Select the Insert menu > Word Art > Choose a font type that you think is good.

3. If the steps above have been completed, then enter the image that was previously prepared.  For example, images of animated movie characters.  Click on the Insert menu > Picture

To change the image size to be larger or smaller, please resize it by selecting the Format menu > Wrap Text > In Front Text

4. Make a box by Insert > Shape adjust the size to 8x6

For the day name box, do the same thing in step 4. And to add text for example day, please Right Click > Add Text

5. To add another box, just copy and paste the box that you made earlier as many as 6 pieces.  Then the result will be like this.

Finally we have succeeded in making a lesson schedule with Microsoft Word.  Very good and makes even more excited to go to school.

You've just read a tutorial on how to create an illustrated lesson schedule with Microsoft Word.  In this blog there is also a way to configure Voip with Asteriks on Debian 10.

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