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How to Make Money As You Decide to Be a Blogger

Various ways can be done to make money, one of which is through a blog or personal website.  How to make money from a blog is also not too difficult.  If you know the right tricks and methods, your blog or personal website will be able to generate profitable financial coffers.

How to start a blog in order to make money?  Here's the review!

First Create a Blog

The first step that must be done is to create a blog.  Blogs can be created for free.  It only takes about 10 minutes, your blog was successfully created.  However, if you are still confused about how to create a blog, try following tutorials from other bloggers and YouTube channels that talk about the world of blogging.

When it is finished, choose the appropriate and good template.  If necessary, you can purchase a paid template that is Google SEO friendly.  That way, the blog can be used and filled according to your original intention.  The content may be about fictional stories, vent within reasonable limits, share parenting tips, financial and business tutorials, even you can influence others' mind through your blog.

How to Make Blog Interesting Before Making Money

The process of creating a blog is indeed fast, but maintaining and setting it up into a comfortable “home” certainly requires a process.  This process is not easy to do because it takes consistency from you as a blog owner.  Before making money, here's how to make a blog interesting.

Domain Extension

In general, blogs with free extensions are less attractive.  Although it is possible there are also free blogs that are still cool.  To turn a free blog into a paid or professional looking blog, you can rent a Top Level Domain or TLD domain, even rent a hosting if you use the WordPress platform.

Blog Name

We recommend that you choose a blog name that is easy to remember, familiar, and in Indonesian without reducing its uniqueness.  Why should it be easy to memorize?  Imagine if your blog name is a number, special characters, and random letters.  It's just hard to read, how do people care about your blog?

Determining the NIche

Choosing a niche or category can be tailored to your interests and passion.The goal is that the content of the blog is more specific or focused on one topic and you can write it without feeling burdened.  If you like writing about recipes, choose a culinary or foody niche.  Likewise if you like traveling, just choose traveling.  Certain categories will make the blog have its own fans, be more elegant and attract the interest of readers.

Creating Interesting Content

Writing a blog or populating evergreen content on your website takes time and a process.  Creating good content with interesting and booming content or viral content will help you in getting more visitors.

For this reason, an increased understanding of SEO is needed, including how to research keywords, and the like.  If you have a lot of visitors, it's time for a blog to make money.

Some Ways to Earn Money From Blogs

Sales Service

Blog content and interesting content can be used as sales of services.  Selling services can be done by accepting orders for designs, writing or others.  Service products in the digital era or the era of society 5.0 are much sought after as a digital marketing strategy.

Offer Your Products

Blogs with good content, can be used to sell products.  Products can be in the form of self-made goods.  Whether it's a snack, clothes, bag or something else.  Can also take from other manufacturers.

Sales with attractive promos from blogs will add a lot of visitors.  Visitors become one of the potential consumers to see the products offered.

Try Signing Up To An Ad Provider

The next way to make money from blogs is through Google AdSense.  Yes, Google AdSense is not only available on YouTube monetization, it is also available on websites.  With ad impressions on the blog, the total users who visit the ad will turn into a coffer of dollars.

Or you can also try other ad providers such as MGID, Adsterra, and others.  Each advertising company has its own rules for working with publishers.  Study these requirements carefully in order to achieve maximum results.

Accepting Endorsement

Blogs with good quality content will attract many agencies and clients to provide endorsement offers.  Whether it's a sponsored article or a content placement.  Of course, with a rate that you can set yourself, then it is approved by the client or the agency.

In addition, if you often write a specific niche.  For example about tourism or culinary.  It is possible that you will be asked to promote a tourist destination or cafe.  Even in today's digital marketing era, many products require a review, be it cooking spices, beauty tools, books or others.

Many ways can be done to maximize the use of making money.  If you are interested, you don't have to wait long to start practicing how to make money from this blog.

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